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Engaging Nature Through Regenerative Agriculture in Lancaster County

Discover the power of regenerative agriculture with Keystone Bio-Ag! Our passion for regenerative agriculture drives us to empower farmers to work alongside nature, fostering healthier, more productive crops. By addressing plant nutrition imbalances and promoting sustainable practices, we help revitalize ecosystems, creating a brighter future for both farming and our planet.

Regenerative agriculture goes beyond sustainability, actively seeking to restore and revitalize degraded land, water, and biodiversity. Through practices like no-till farming, cover cropping, and agroforestry, we support soil health, enhance nutrient cycling, and boost biodiversity for a more resilient and productive agricultural system.

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A Different Approach to Agriculture Services — Education!

Our enthusiastic team of education and nutrition experts is dedicated to guiding farmers on their regenerative journey through our agriculture services. We share our valuable knowledge through personalized recommendations, our Regenerative Agriculture Handbook, and engaging educational meetings, enabling farmers to grow crops in the healthiest way possible.

Keystone Bio-Ag offers an array of agriculture services and exceptional regenerative products, including biological inoculants, dry and liquid fertilizers, and potting soils, specially formulated to enhance plant nutrition and promote beneficial soil microbes. By using these regenerative products, farmers can reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, leading to healthier, more resilient crops and more sustainable farming systems.

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Promoting Sustainable Agriculture Through Nutrition Management

At Keystone Bio-Ag, we recognize the importance of plant nutrition in sustainable agriculture. Our innovative plant sap testing method, similar to DNA testing, provides growers with valuable insights into their crops’ health, helping them reduce or eliminate the need for harmful chemical applications.

By identifying and addressing nutrient imbalances, we enable farmers to implement targeted fertilization strategies that support robust plant growth and minimize the need for synthetic inputs. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture extends to on-farm consultations, educational workshops, and quarterly newsletters, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist farmers in their transition to regenerative farming practices.

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Hear From Our Empowered Farmers

Thanks for the awesome products you provide! I put two applications of Accelerate on my Soybeans this year and I could see a big difference. The plants have tighter nodes on the part of the plant that was setting blossoms over the time that I sprayed Accelerate, then when I didn’t spray Accelerate the nodes were further apart. So I made a second application of Accelerate, and the nodes became closer together again. It looks like there will be a huge increase in yield because of Accelerate. I am very excited about this product!

Nate Yoder

I am very pleased with the Green House Media! Most plants look healthier and are larger. My African violet leaves have a shine!

Zimmerman, Stevens PA

We used Aeromaster Premium Blend in our garden this past year and we were impressed! We had a lot less weeds and enjoyed an abundant yield of vegetables.

Ruth King

Great Product! Very happy that an organic potting soil performs this well. I really like it that the plants have exceptional good root systems when still small. We can plant them out sooner and they start growing really well.


It’s the best Organic Potting Soil I’ve used! When I tried other potting soils, they always needed some additional fertilizer. Or they had too much plant growth and not as good root systems. I am very satisfied with Keystone Greenhouse Media.

Amos King

What Research Says About Regenerative Agriculture

Research has shown that regenerative agriculture offers numerous benefits for both the environment and crop production. By implementing regenerative practices, farmers can reduce their reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, leading to more sustainable and productive farming systems. Keystone Bio-Ag is dedicated to staying at the forefront of this research, equipping farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing agricultural landscape.

The growing interest in regenerative agriculture worldwide highlights the global recognition of its potential benefits. As more farmers adopt regenerative practices, there is an increasing demand for resources, support, and guidance to help them make the transition. Keystone Bio-Ag is deeply committed to meeting the growing demand for regenerative agriculture support. We provide a comprehensive suite of products and services tailored to empower farmers in their journey toward adopting these practices. Our goal is to promote the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture, which will ultimately contribute to a more sustainable and resilient global food system.

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