About Us

Our Story in a Nutshell

In the early 2000’s, some local farmers were experiencing significant increases in disease and insect pressure on their crops, causing financial hardships. The viability of chemical farming was questioned and the search for a better way began. This led to intensive research and eventually connecting with John Kempf, Gary Zimmer, Neil Kinsey, and other experts in the field of what is now called regenerative agriculture.

With these key consultants as personal mentors, some practical in-field experiences soon demonstrated that nature did, in fact, have the most effective answers to these farming challenges. This became deeply engrained in the hearts of our foundering members, who were also looking for a better way. This, along with a passion for helping others on the journey, soon led to more questions: “As we learn these practices, why not share them with others? Why not make it easier for others to implement these principles of working with nature?”

Keystone Bio-Ag was founded in 2008, with the goal of providing farmers with cutting-edge information that they could trust. This led to more interesting experiences, along with steady growth through many of those years.

The company today is owned and led by a group of passionate individuals that care about the quality of our food supply, the health of the land, and future generations. A number of passionate and dedicated group of employees also bring valuable insights and talent to the company.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to help rebuild a vibrant ecosystem – where relationships are regenerated, food becomes our medicine, and farming is exceptionally profitable and sustainable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, encourage, and empower you to produce healthy crops by supporting you with the products and information needed to make regenerative agriculture successful.