7-7-7 NatureSafe

Plant-derived Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Package

7-7-7 is a dry soluble fertilizer derived from plants. Provides amino acid nitrogen, along with phosphorus and potassium that is very easy for plants to absorb. It also has a very low salt index, which is unusual for potassium products. We have seen very good energy responses using this product. Apply 7-7-7 at a rate of 1-5 pounds per acre, whenever nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is needed. Dissolves easier than NatureSafe 15-0-1 and 15-1-1.

Disclaimer: OMRI Listed.

  • 50 lb. Bag
  • 8 lb. Bucket

Practice Regenerative Agriculture

Enrich Soil & Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Produce Plants That Resist Disease & Insects

Enjoy Great Tasting, Nutritional Food & Feed