Concentrated ocean minerals with low sodium content

SeaCrop is an outstanding microbial enhancer that is loaded with enzymes and organic substances that occur naturally in oceans. SeaCrop is derived from ocean water that has most of the sodium removed. SeaCrop can be used in drip or foliar applications at a rate of 1-2 pints per acre. For fireblight or viruses, use up to 6 qt. per acre in the foliar. For corn starter, use 2 qt. per acre in starter blend.

Disclaimer: NOP approved with no restrictions.

  • 1 gal. jug
  • 2.5 gal. jug
  • 5 gal. box
  • 55 gal. barrel
  • 30 gal. barrel
  • 275 gal. Tote

Practice Regenerative Agriculture

Enrich Soil & Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Produce Plants That Resist Disease & Insects

Enjoy Great Tasting, Nutritional Food & Feed