Sap Analysis Kits

Plant Sap Analysis enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency in farm crop nutrition.

Plant Sap Analysis is a breakthrough way to accurately detect nutrient deficiencies or imbalances in plants.

Because it tests the sap content, it can pick up potential deficiencies before the plant visually shows it and 2 weeks before tissue tests pick it up. This creates an opportunity to apply the precise amount of a needed nutrient before the deficiency triggers a disease or weakness.

Plant Sap Analysis measures several metrics that not commonly found in conventional agronomy, specifically testing the total amount of nitrogen, the amount of nitrate, & the amount of ammonium that is present. This can be used to indicate whether or not a plant is becoming susceptible to insect attack.

Sap tests are a powerful product validation tool. It can tell you very quickly if your program or products are doing what they should be doing.

Disclaimer: Sap Analysis Kits need to be ordered in advance. The kits are produced at the lab and sent out via FedEx. Allow two weeks for delivery.

Plant Sap Analysis was developed in the Netherlands in 2002 by NovaCropControl and Crop Health Labs is the North American supplier of the technology. For more than 10 years, Plant Sap Analysis has provided growers with unique nutrient data measuring 21 nutrient parameters for testing that enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency. The tool improves efficiency and production and is available to farmers, crop advisors, input providers and agriculture researchers. Crop Health Labs’ proprietary Plant Sap Analysis is the industry’s most comprehensive sap analysis report available conducted in a lab setting.

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