Potassium Sulfate (0-0-50)

Pelletized dry potassium fertilizer

Potassium sulfate is a great form of potassium to use when soil potassium levels are low but magnesium levels are high enough. Pelletized for easy use. This form of potassium (0-0-50) does not release till about 30-60 days after application, which makes it a great fertilizer where a strong potassium release is not desired until later in the plant’s development stages, such as at fruit fill. 0-0-50 is 50% potash and 18% sulfate. Broadcast at 50-200 lbs. per acre.

Disclaimer: OMRI Listed. NOP approved with no restrictions.

  • Per pound
  • 2000 lb. Tote
  • Bulk

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