Aeromaster Humus Compost

High quality humified compost

Aeromaster humus compost is a good base for any dry fertilizer blend because it keeps the fertilizer from tying up with other minerals in the soil, can hold up to 4 times it’s weight in moisture (making it especially good for lighter soils), and because it magnifies the value of everything it is blended with. Aeromaster humus compost is produced using state-of-the-art production methods. Every batch is tested to ensure that it meets the quality standard.

Disclaimer: NOP approved with no restrictions. Use at 500-2000 lbs. per acre.

  • Per pound
  • 2000 lb. Tote
  • Bulk

For humus compost with added nutrients in 50 lb. Bags, see Aeromaster Premium Blend.

Practice Regenerative Agriculture

Enrich Soil & Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Produce Plants That Resist Disease & Insects

Enjoy Great Tasting, Nutritional Food & Feed