Your Farm’s Future

December 18, 2023

Each of us has the awesome responsibility of being a farmer. Whether or not that is farming as we traditionally know it, we can also “farm” our thoughts and actions. We can cultivate our hearts and minds. In fact, cultivating our hearts and minds is probably where the most potential lies.

Cultivating our hearts and minds, and focusing on what we really want is so important. The most common reason people don’t get what they want is because they don’t know what they want.

What do you really want?

What do you want for the future of your farm?

What do you want for your children’s future?

Are you aware that your thoughts, your decisions, and your actions directly influence your operation, and that the ongoing direction of your farm is basically a reflection of you?

Are you aware that the way you manage your farm’s soil and plant ecosystem has a direct impact on how much disease and insect pressure you will have on your crops, and how much medicinal value the food you are growing will have?

Are you aware that about 95% of the time, you make decisions unconsciously, and that your programming – the files that you have in your brain – are making most of your decisions, even though you think it’s really you?

Are you aware that you are constantly being programmed, from the day of your birth to the current day, and that your programming can either be a positive or negative, depending on whether it holds you back or helps you forward?

Are you aware that you make decisions based on “perceived” pain or pleasure, and that you can still reprogram your brain for the better – by realizing how much pain your “limiting” programming is costing you, and how much pleasure the “revised” programming could bring you?

Tony Robbins teaches a story about 2 young men. As I recall it, one was a drunkard that lived in misery – the other a Pastor that served many people. Both of these young men were asked why they are who they are, and they both had the same answer – “I am who I am because of my father”. The amazing part is that these young men were brothers and they had the same father, who was a drunkard. The first young man thought he had no choice but be the same – the other linked massive pain to being a drunkard and decided he would not be that way, and then focused on the pleasure that he would get by helping others.

Why is all this important?

When we start with the assumption that nature is flawed and there will always be insects and diseases, we eventually program our minds that we are dependent on insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and bactericides. Using these chemicals becomes the way of life – a necessity – for us.

What if we shifted our thinking and started with the truth that the ecosystem is perfectly designed by God?

What if we realized that it’s perfectly designed to work and that it’s only the human understanding of the ecosystem that is so far from perfect?

Shouldn’t that trigger a foundational shift in the way we think and the way we farm?

Shouldn’t that trigger a deep desire for us to learn more about how nature really functions and what the imbalances might be that are triggering the pest and disease pressure?

Shouldn’t that trigger a more regenerative farming model that supports nature?

What changes should you make in your farming practices to support what you really want for your farm’s future?

What is holding you back?

What information do you still need, and how can we help?

Finally, never forget that you always have a choice, and that the choices you make will affect your farm and your future, even if sometimes in very subtle ways.

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Source: Melvin Fisher | Sponsored by Keystone Bio-Ag LLC